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This dynamic trio of Phil Aubrey, Joe Aiello and Randy Parker was born and raised in Winnipeg. Philly is a family guy with two young boys and is a Transcona boy at heart. Joe is almost the mayor of the city, just try going for a walk with him without more than a few people saying “Hi Joe!”. Randy is an animal lover with a dog named Diesel, she was raised in a family of boys and can throw a football like no one’s business! Just don’t ask her too many sports questions. Together, they add fun and entertainment to your morning!


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Yup, you read that right! SNL royalty, Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell, will be making the royal wedding waaaaaay more interesting by live-hosting it on HBO! The two are set to host live coverage of the (otherwise boring) wedding as Cord Hosenbeck, a “celebrated dog breeder” and “motivational speaker,” and Tish Cattigan a “former Ms….

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