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Tune in to Jay, Nic & Vic on weekdays between 6 AM and 10 AM!

Jay Richardson is 1/3 of the co-hosts of Jay, Nic & Vic.  He enjoys gaming, comic book looking, and speaking which is handy since he’s also the voice you hear saying, “last minute of play” at Winnipeg Jets games.  Jay is a super nice, fungi who loves high fives.

Nic Welsh is a proud recipient of two Watermelon Eating Contest Participation plaques. Firm believer that everyone wearing double denim will heal the world. Will crush you in the, “is a hotdog a sandwich?” debate. Nicole never talked as a child, so she’s making up for it now on Power Mornings with Jay, Nic & Vic.

Vicki Shae was born and raised in Winnipeg. She’s a pop culture/TV junkie with specific obsessions like the history of SNL, Conan O’Brien, and comedy in general.  Her standing New Year’s Resolution is to have 30 new experiences every year and she loves crossword puzzles and escape rooms, and knows 4 chords on the ukulele. Her fears include heights, failure, and 80’s music videos.

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