Who thinks this guy might be the new Foo Fighters drummer? Here's the evidence.

This coming Wednesday, the Foo Fighters will play their first proper headliner show since the death of Taylor Hawkins last year. As I write this, there still hasn’t been an announcement about this replacement, although there are some interesting signs pointing in a particular direction.

Josh Freese is one of the most respected journeyman drummers in the world. His resume includes stints with The Vandals, Guns N’ Roses, Nine Inch Nails, Weezer, A Perfect Circle, Paramore, Sting, Danny Elfman, Sublime with Rome, and The Offspring. He’s also an in-demand studio player, having appeared on more than 400 records.

Could he be the new Foos guy? Very possible. Consider the following:

  • He’s a longtime friend of Dave Grohl. He was also buddies with Taylor. He performed at the Taylor Hawkins tribute shows.
  • Josh appears to have cleared his schedule for the rest of the year. Ilan Rubin has taken his place with Danny Elfman’s band. He’s also out of The Offspring, replaced by Brandon Pertzborn of Suicidal Tendencies for a touring schedule that extends through October.
  • Matt Cameron, another possible contender, has categorically denied that he’s the guy.
  • There hasn’t been much said about Rufus Taylor, another good friend of the band (and son of Queen drummer Roger Taylor).
  • The same with Atom Williard, another rumoured candidate.

Something’s gonna be announced soon. Probably Sunday afternoon at 3pm EDT when the Foos play a livestream.

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