Bombers tell Manitoba Liberals to stop selling items with 'W' logo

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers has asked the Manitoba Liberal Party to stop selling merchandise with a “W” logo because it is similar to the football club’s logo.

A spokesperson says the club recently told the party in writing that it is using its “W” trademark on items such as toques without permission, and the Blue Bombers do not support one political party over another.

The Liberals are running a former Blue Bomber whose name starts with W, Willard Reaves, in a byelection slated for March 22.

Reaves is up against another former Bomber, Obby Khan, who is running as a Progressive Conservative candidate, as well as an NDP candidate, Trudy Schroeder.

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Advance voting for Fort Whyte byelection underway in Winnipeg

It’s the second time this year the Liberals have run into controversy over their merchandise.

They pulled down their online store after selling a red dress with a message written across the backside and hips that said “overthrow the government.”

The Liberals said the dress was posted without authorization by an unnamed volunteer.

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