Teen sports fan combines all 6 Winnipeg pro logos for clothing line

Winnipeg sports fans love to wear their favourite team’s logo with pride.

Whether it’s the Jets, the Bombers, Valour FC, the Moose, the Ice or the Goldeyes, it’s common to see hats, shirts, jerseys, hoodies and more emblazoned with Winnipeg team colours being worn year-round.

One local teen, however, decided he wanted to show his support for all six teams at once, leading to the creation of MB Proud, a new clothing brand that incorporates elements of each of Winnipeg’s pro sports franchise logos.

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“I was looking at the Bombers logo, and the negative space underneath it was roughly the same shape as the jet from the Jets logo,” Aaron Brandt told 680 CJOB.

“Once those two went together, I thought, I couldn’t stop there… and I found a spot for each team after that.”

The MB Proud design combining all six of Winnipeg's pro sports team logos.

The MB Proud design combining all six of Winnipeg's pro sports team logos.

MB Proud

The Grade 11 student said he’s not an artist but has “a bit of a thing” for graphic design and doodled a version of the logo while sitting in church last year.

“I just doodled it on a scrap of paper and I kept saying: ‘Man, I gotta put that on a T-shirt,'” he explained.

“Around Christmas time, I finally got around to setting it up, and after New Year’s, I started promoting it.”

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Brandt said he doesn’t have any lofty goals with the clothing line — he just hopes to make enough money to cover the cost of tickets to a few games.

Although the MB Proud logo uses elements from all six team logos to create something original, the budding designer said he’s not too worried about copyright violations.

“I figure if they bother to send me a cease and desist letter, that I’ve already made my money,” the teen said.

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