Cold War Kids share two new songs today; "Complainer" and "4th of July"

Just two years after the release of their 6th album, LA Divine, Cold War Kids share more new music!

Today they dropped the songs “Complainer” and “4th of July.” The songs will be part of the record, New Age Norms.

For me, the songs are always the most important piece of Cold War Kids,” singer/piano guy Nathan Willett says. “And in them, having a strong message and maintaining a positive energy and output-and not just rage and conflict-is so important, and what can set us apart. But at the same time, we’re doing an old thing: rock ‘n’ roll! I don’t want to completely intellectualize it, because we don’t have this liberal, politically correct agenda. We set out to make a rock and roll record. But, the person that I am, the band that we are, the values that we have are in these songs. They’re not tropes of rock and roll urges; they’re in pursuit of a new value, a better world. And it’s not so clear cut what those are, but these are the new age norms.”

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