Lost jackets and bad Christmas presents: weird reasons Canadians called 911 in 2018

WATCH: From a lost jacket to bad Christmas presents, these were the weirdest non-emergency calls made to 911 in 2018.

While officers regularly advise citizens that 911 is for emergencies only, every year there are a handful of people who don’t quite get the message.

From checking to make sure your phone works to reporting family members who give bad Christmas presents to asking about Daylight Savings Time, here are some of the weirdest, non-emergency 911 calls of 2018.

To make sure her phone worked

Don’t call 911 to make sure your new phone works: OPP issue common sense reminder

One Ontario woman infamously called 911 just a few weeks ago to make sure her new phone was working properly and then hung up.

Global News reported at the time that when police arrived at the location where the call was made, they found neither the caller nor an emergency.

This may seem amusing, but Const. Ed Sanchuk told Global News Radio 980 CFPL: “Officers spent a great deal of time attempting to locate her.”

“Whether false alarms are intentional or unintentional, they tie up the phone lines at the communications centre, waste taxpayer money, tie up law enforcement officers and threaten lives,” Sanchuk said in a statement.

To report unsatisfying Christmas presents

One seven-year-old Ontario boy called the police to express his distaste with receiving snow pants for Christmas this year.

While police weren’t sure exactly what he wanted them to do about it, the boy received a stern reminder to call 911 if — and only if — there’s a real emergency.

To report that a restaurant wouldn’t redeem her coupon

One B.C. caller felt played — played, she said — when she attempted to redeem a coupon at a restaurant and found she wasn’t able to do so.

In response, she called 911 to report the incident.

‘They’re not redeeming your coupon for you?’: B.C.’s 10 dumbest 911 calls of 2018

“Ma’am, are you calling 911 because they’re not redeeming your coupon for you?” a dismayed 911 operator responded.

It’s unclear whether she ever redeemed her coupon.

To ask whether the clocks move forward or back during the spring time change

Twice a year, when it’s time to change the clocks, everyone feels out of sorts for a few days.

One individual, however, simply couldn’t figure out what time to set on his clock this past spring so he called 911 to confirm whether the clocks moved forward or backward.

“Sir, are you calling 911 regarding the time change?” a disgruntled operator responded upon answering the call.

To report a lost jacket

WATCH: Toronto mayoral candidate calls for quicker 911 response times after experiencing delay

For one person, reporting his lost jacket meant life or death (especially with Canadian winter drawing near).

“911 is for crimes where there’s life or death emergencies, not to report a jacket you lost,” said the operator.

The location of the jacket is still unknown.

To report a hacked Facebook account

With the year Facebook has had, it’s no wonder this Hamilton citizen felt that having their Facebook account hacked was 911-worthy.

“I’m calling because my Facebook account was hacked. I’m not sure who did it, but someone is posting to my pages and it isn’t me,” the caller said.

“Now that’s why I’m on Myspace,” an amused operator responded in a department video.

To report their McDonald’s had gotten cold

We all know the fries are best when they’re hot. One person took it to the next level.

To ask when the Canada Day fireworks would be held this year

“Can you tell me when the Canada Day fireworks are being held this year?” the caller asked.

“When? This is our home and native land,” the officer joked in a video made by the Hamilton Police Department. “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.”

—With files from Jon Azpiri, Ken Mann, 980 CFPL and the Canadian Press

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