5 songs you must hear this week: 17 December 2018

1. Just Loud, Soul Train
Just Loud (Eleven Seven)
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We’re probably going to hear quite a bit about this dude—yes, Just Loud is a guy—when his debut album is released in March. JL comes from a church-heavy home in Virginia and now lives in NYC where he’s made friends with some interesting people. This song, for example, features a guest vocal from from Debbie Harry of Blondie. How to describe him? He says “I think that I am a rebellious soul with integrity.” Okay, then.

2. Allan Rayman, Rose
Harry Hard-On (Universal Music Canada)
RIYL: Artists that defy classification (part 2)

Yes, that’s the title of Rayman’s third album, which has already resulted in radio announcers breaking down into a case of the giggles as they try seriously discuss the record. Why pick such a name? Well, we are dealing with someone who has been called “the most mysterious man in music.” How many Toronto artists have you referred to in such terms?

3. morgxn, home ft. Walk the Moon
Single (wxnderlost records)
RIYL: Artists that defy classification (part 3)

Another mysterious dude. Originally from Nashville but currently bicoastal (NY and LA), morgxn (not a typo) seems to eschew capitalization in an ee cummings sort of way. He’ll be sure to attract a crowd when he plays Velvet Underground on February 10. If you’d like to familiarize with some of his musings and writings, make sure you check out his website.

4. Alice Merton, Funny Business
Mint (Mon + Pop)
RIYL: Florence + the Machine, Lykke Li, MS MR

Now that “No Roots” is a certifiable monster, attention turns to her upcoming 2019 debut album (due January 18). Interesting that this album has been available for pre-order since September. Fun fact: Alice was born in Germany but also has British and Canadian citizenship. Part of her early life was spent in Oakville.


5. Hotel Mira, Jungle
Single (Light Organ Records)
RIYL: Any sort of Canadian indie rock

Remember the Vancouver band JPNSGRLS? This is them under a new name. After a bunch of releases under their original moniker, there was a significant revamp of the group’s lineup in April 2018 which offered an excuse for a name change. Be careful when you Google them, though. You could end up with a hotel room on Moscow or Prague.

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