Today McDonalds is giving away FREE french fries!

Ya…I chose that particular fry picture for a reason….the BEST way to enjoy McDonalds fries is by dipping them (drowning them) in the BBQ sauce you get with nuggets. You may think Ketchup is best, or in your McFlurry…but I’m here to tell you you’re wrong. Anyways, today you can get a FREE medium fry from McDonalds all day!


“Okay Gregg, what’s the catch” I’m sure that’s running through your mind as you read this, all you need to do is purchase something, $0.50 minimum spend, and they’ll toss a free medium fry in with your order! Pretty simple and painless hey? There is one more hoop to jump through before you hit the drive thru tomorrow, make sure you download their app to get the deal! It’ll be in your “my deals” section of the app.

Yep…that’s why this is all happening…apparently it isNational French Fry Day? I still have 0 clue who comes up with these “national” and “International” days, but if it gets me free fries keep it coming.


Here’s the website if you want to check everything out for yourself!  

Oh and…be careful today no matter what you do or where you eat those free fries…it’s FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!


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