People Who Believe In REAL Science, Know That The Earth Is Flat

And by REAL science, I mean not science at all. Here are some of the theory’s that Flat Earther’s have:


The Earth is a flat disc protected by an invisible dome like barrier called the firmament.

NASA has been faking all sorts of photo and video evidence of space launches, moon landings, and shuttle journeys

A flat earth means extra land, which means more resources and the government needs to hide the excess amount of oil stored at the edge of the Earth.


All this can be very confusing without any explanation… So physicist Brian Cox decided to shed some light on this:


“Everything. You need to go all the way back to the foundations of modern physics. It follows from Isaac Newton’s laws that there’s a size of a massive object beyond which it becomes spherical. You’d have to reject Newton’s laws and Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Why do storms spin? Why do artillery guns have an adjustment for the latitude? There are all these consequences of the fact that we live on a thing that spins. There are “fictitious” forces that cause storm systems to spin.”

“Something else is going on. Conspiracy theories cannot be understood in isolation. It’s something significantly deeper—a mistrust in institutions and authority… There’s no justification for thinking that the Earth is flat. It’s idiotic at every conceivable level. But it’s indicative of a deeper problem.”


If you want to read more into this here’s the link to the article:



Brian Cox is just such a rad dude. He loves explaining how things work through science and doesn’t just spew random “facts” out of his mouth. Plus he’ll explain thing to you in a wicked British accent and it just makes things easier to understand. Here he is talking about the Supercollider.



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