Canadian Air Travel Poll

According to a new Expedia poll, Canadians take 3 flights a year on average and spend 12 nights in hotels.

Not surprisingly, unless you’re travelling with people, the vast majority of us prefer to keep to ourselves on flights. And by “vast majority” I mean 90 per cent of us would rather not interact with our seatmates at all. Turns out us prairie folk are more likely to keep quiet on flights compared to East Coasters who are more chatty.

In terms of pet peeves, there’s one thing Canadians can agree on – that you should at least have socks on while on board a plane. Barefoot travelers were Canadians’ biggest pet peeve, with 96 per cent of people saying that’s just unacceptable.

When it comes to hotels, more than half prefer big chain hotels, with lots of people choosing to book flights and hotels together as a package, which I will totally agree with.

Surprisingly, whether or not a hotel had free wifi was a bigger deal breaker than price.



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