Record Store Day

Music lovers rejoice! Saturday April 21st is Record Store Day.

In Winnipeg there are five store participating: Argy’s, Blaine’s, Into The Music (two locations, one of which was formerly Music Trader) and McNally Robinson.

Ty and I couldn’t wait till the weekend though so we went out this week to dig through the stacks at Into The Music in the Exchange. While we were there we chatted up owner Greg Tonn.

“It’s one of our most successful things that we participate in ever. It’s a super busy day, it’s a really big hype day” he says.

Record Store Day always features exclusive releases. Here in Canada you may want to keep your eyes out for special stuff from The Sheepdogs, The Glorious Sons and The Trews.

“We get load and loads of stuff, we probably get more than anyone else in terms of the range and depth but we don’t know what arrives until we open the boxes and we don’t get the boxes until about two or three days before Record Store Day” says Tonn.

So it’s basically like Christmas for music lovers. Have some pity on the guy who has to stock all those new releases.

“I have a guy working until midnight two or three days in a row processing the stock and putting it in the system. He also gets a great day off after it too because he put in more work than anyone else” Tonn jokes.

Record Store Day is going to be a big day for Into the Music, they open one hour earlier than usual – at 9:30 and are expecting lineups.

“In the past when there were fewer places participating in Record Store Day the lineup would stretch around the side of the store. I think at its peak we were getting close to 100 people waiting at the door” says Tonn. Record seekers will be pleased to know that all used records at Into the Music will be an additional 15% off on Record Store Day.

To amplify the excitement and the buzz that comes with Record Store Day, both of Into the Music’s locations will have DJs playing a variety of records all day long.

Tonn says that Into the Music’s long history in Winnipeg – they’re been around for 25 years – helps keep them top of mind with music aficionados.

“Things have changed over the years, more competitors and more choices in terms of where people go. But what we did of course, is we’ve always been a record store. We were a record store right through the 90s, early 2000s when everybody else was totally CD, and we were too, but we were the only place in town for a long time, so now that vinyl is back we’ve been the first place people think of so that’s been our advantage” says ton proudly.

Neither Ty nor I left empty handed. Ty was pumped to find the new Franz Ferdinand and I picked up some Tom Petty and a couple Cars records.

Looking for more? Check out this article on the best and worst RSD releases this year.

Happy hunting music lovers!

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