Ongoing History Daily: A new book on the fashion of The Beatles

It’s hard to overestimate the impact The Beatles had on not just music but society. That includes fashion.

The Beatles had an effect on everything from the length of hair on men, to facial hair, glasses, clothing, shoes, stage costumes, and more. Their fashion choices not only influenced rock’n’roll dress in a way that’s still being felt today, but extend into politics, generational conflict, and sexuality. It is a very deep topic that’s explored in a new book called Fashioning the Beatles: The Looks That Shook the World from publisher Sutherland House Books. Author Deirdre Kelly follows the look of The Beatles from their days playing the gritty clubs in Germany to their final breakup in 1970.

If you’re at all interested in rock fashion and its history, you should take a look. Fashioning The Beatles: The Looks That Shook the World is out now.

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