One Great Lottery

Power 97  is proud to support One Great Lottery with proceeds benefitting the Winnipeg Humane Society & Misericordia Health Centre Foundation!

One Great Lottery

Join the Excitement: One Great Lottery is Back with More Amazing Prizes!

Misericordia Health Centre Foundation (MHCF) and the Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) are delighted to announce the exciting return of One Great Lottery, and this year, it’s better than with a brand-new early prize that we know you’ll love.

Live Rent-Free at 300 Main Winnipeg for a Whole Year!

Picture yourself living in luxury, gazing out from the 36th floor with breathtaking views of our beautiful city, all year round. It’s not a dream; it’s an Early Bird prize! One lucky winner will have the opportunity to enjoy a year of rent-free living in the luxurious apartments at 300 Main Winnipeg. Or, if you prefer, you can take home a cool $25,000 in cash – the choice is yours! But that’s not all – we’ve got even more fantastic prizes up for grabs.

Stock Up Your Pantry with a $10,000 Grocery Gift Card (or $8,000 Cash) and Fuel Your Adventures with a $5,000 Gas Gift Card (or $3,000 Cash)!

Imagine the grocery shopping spree of your dreams with a $10,000 gift card, or pocket $8,000 in cash for your own adventures. Or you could win a $5,000 fuel gift card to keep you rolling smoothly on the road or opt for $3,000 in cash for the ultimate flexibility. The possibilities are endless!

You can have a chance to win any of these three of these incredible early prizes by purchasing your tickets before midnight September 26.

One Great Lottery Draws:

  • Early Bird #1: $10,000 Sobeys Gift Card or $8,000 cash
    • Deadline for Eligibility: Midnight, September 26
    • Draw: September 27
  • Early Bird #2: $5,000 Esso Gift Card or $3,000 cash
    • Deadline for Eligibility: Midnight, October 4
    • Draw: October 5
  • Early Bird #3: 12 Months Rent at 300 Main Winnipeg or $25,000 cash
    • Deadline for Eligibility: Midnight, October 17
    • Draw: October 18
    • Prize supplied by 300 Main Winnipeg
  • Grand Prize: Half of the 50/50 Cash Jackpot
    • Deadline for Eligibility: Midnight, October 24
    • Draw: October 25

The Great Cash Calendar: Your Daily Dose of Joy!

If you’re eager to fill your wallet, don’t miss out on the Great Cash Calendar! We’re giving away $1,000 every single day in November and December. That’s 61 chances to win big! You can order your calendar tickets alongside your One Great Lottery purchase or separately – the choice is yours. Hurry, though, because these tickets will sell fast, and there are limited quantities available.

Here’s the best part: every ticket you purchase supports compassionate care in your community. Your participation allows the Misericordia Health Centre and Winnipeg Humane Society to invest in programs that provide outstanding services to both hands and paws alike.

Ready to be a part of something great? Visit our website now and secure your tickets for a chance to win big and make a difference in your community! Let’s make this year’s One Great Lottery the biggest and best yet.

Don’t miss out! Visit and grab your tickets today. Your winning moment could be just around the corner!


Ticket Prices:

  • 50/50 ($55,540 in Early Rewards + the Growing 50/50 Jackpot)
    • 10 for $25
    • 25 for $50
    • 100 for $100
  • Great Cash Calendar ($1,000/day in November & December)
    • 10 for $20
    • 30 for $30
    • 80 for $40

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