Swing for the Kids Slopitch Tournament

Boston Pizza presents the Power 97 Swing For The Kids Slopitch Tournament at Little Mountain Sportsplex on Saturday, June 15th.

Co-Ed 6 & 4. $297 Entry Fee. Proceeds to Cancer Care Manitoba Foundation and PROFYLE (Precision Oncology For Young People)

Every year between 50 – 60 children are diagnosed with cancer in our province. The great news is over 80% of them will beat their disease. Unfortunately, the survival odds remain very poor for about 20% of these young patients. CancerCare Manitoba Foundation is a funding partner in PROFYLE, a pan-Canadian initiative which is working to cure these hardest to treat childhood cancers. The Foundation has committed up to $1 million over five years to CancerCare Manitoba so it may participate with other medical centres across our country in this ground breaking project. All funds raised through community events such as the SloPitch tournament make a huge difference and are part of the $1 million commitment.

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation exclusively fundraises for CancerCare Manitoba and all funds we raise stay in our province to help Manitobans.