Power Cash Tower

Power Cash Tower

It takes guts, fearlessness, and nerves of steel to climb the tower. Many have failed, but you aren’t just anyone. Are you up to the challenge?

Play the POWER Cash Tower, every weekday at 7:10am on POWER Mornings with Philly, Joe and Randy and again at 5:10 on The POWER Drive with Ty Jordan.

Listen for the special POWER Cash Tower sounder, when you hear it, be caller 9 at 204-777-9797 to take your chances at the tower.

Each game play, caller 9 will be awarded money. That person now has to decide if they want to keep the money or gamble and try to win more money by choosing to go up a level.

Power up the tower to win more cash, but don’t get too cocky, lose power, lose it all.

CLICK HERE for complete rules and regulations.

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