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About The Pawsh Dog

Founded by professional dog trainer, groomer, and handler Laurel Fletcher, The Pawsh Dog is a luxury canine care facility staffed by an expert team of dedicated canine care professionals providing a complete range of products and services designed to meet dog’s and their owner’s each and every need.

In 2009 Laurel opened The Pawsh Dog’s first location, adding two more in 2012. The Wellness Centre – featuring a pool designed specifically for dogs – opened in 2013 and is the only facility of it’s kind in Manitoba.


10-1580 Taylor Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3N 2A7
Phone: 204-261-9059

133 Marion Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2H 0T3
Phone: 204-415-7976

330 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3K 0Y9
Phone: 204-832-1939

1103 Corydon Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3M 0X3
Phone: 204-691-1220

2355 McGillivray Blvd #100A
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3Y 0A1
Phone: 204-415-5589

1910 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 4S5
Phone: 204-415-5589

1546 Regent Avenue West
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2C 3B4
Phone: 204-415-5589

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